News & Articles

Read any of millions of freely available RSS or Atom feeds.

At its core, Feedibus is a newsreader app. It supports Atom, RSS, and JSON-Feeds. All techno-gibberish to you? That is a way for websites to publish news so that other apps like Feedibus can read them. Many news websites and blogs support this, so Feedibus will likely work for your favorite and most trusted news sources.

Magic Content

Enjoy full articles in a beautiful reading experience, even for feeds with just summaries.

Some news feeds only contain a summary of an article or even just headlines. Feedibus will automagically visit the article's website for you and allows you to read it in a beautiful reader mode without any distractions. It even includes a method to jump past cookie banners that might obscure content automatically. By the way, loading articles happens in a "private" tab similar to incognito mode to protect your privacy the best way possible.

Magic Deduplication

Streamline your timeline, grouping duplicates and similar content.

A big event is happening, and all your news sources are writing about it? Feedibus automagically detects duplicate and related content and displays it in an elegant group. This way, you don't clutter your news timeline with basically the same article repeated ten times. It also helps with discovering related and interesting content.

Magic Interests

Discover more, automagically learning your interests.

Okay, you got us. It is not magic; it is machine learning. That's what Feedibus uses to learn what you like and find interesting. These articles and news will be highlighted auto...magically for you, so you never miss an exciting story.

... and there is more ...

iPad Support, iCloud Sync, Widgets, Automatic Background Updates, Bookmarking, Sharing with Friends & Social Networks, Choose between Different Reading Experiences including Embedded Safari Reader Mode, Favorite Feed Groups, ...


"Your privacy is important to us." -- That's what everyone is saying, right? Judge for yourself: Feedibus is not sending any data about you to its developers. All processing happens locally on your device.

In other words: We don't know what you read, and we don't want to know. For full transparency: The only thing we receive is Crash Reports & Metrics through Apple. This is completely anonymized data that helps us find bugs. Since this is a feature Apple provides, you need to disable it in your device's Privacy settings. Also, if you decide to use iCloud Sync, your local data is sent to Apple's servers but not accessible by Feedibus' developers.

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